I am in the middle of The Miserly Burger Tour—originally launched as a way to have a large group of friends go out and try a burger every Friday. Specifications, or at least qualifications to justify the title were as follows: the burger had to be of under five dollars, within California and of some acclaim (through websites like Yelp or blogs like A Hamburger Today). These specifics have been easily satisfied however I am writing to inform all blog viewers that I will be integrating wine pairing—in the form of a flask—into every burger adventure.

This will start appearing on the page every Monday with an image of the burger and flask displayed together, a piece of scotch tape will denote the type of wine that was poured with the hamburger. More than likely there will be several flasks filled to determine which particular wine was favored with the food, all wines will be detailed whether it was a success or a disappointing attempt along with a rationale for the decisions to pour certain wines.

Next week I will be headed with some friends to Brea’s Best in Orange County to try their burger with some of these wines—as of now they have not been decided but the producers will always be different and the varietals will be a little less than standard. I look forward to sharing my discoveries with all you folks.