A Dutch dinner is simple and tasty, consisting of potatoes, meats and often sharing the plate with another vegetable—at least these are my experiences. Although the meal lacks complexity, it warms the stomach (especially important when the weather in the country is extremely cold) and banks on the savory and rich elements from great butters and extremely fresh ingredients.

Fresh off a trip from Holland, I was eager to replicate the fare with my Mom and share the experiences at the family table. On the menu were pork chops, fingerling potatoes, corn and a salad. We had to make some concessions to the state of California by incorporating greens and avocados into the salad (since a typical Dutch salad may be without those). With the acknowledgement of California it opened the window to pairing the meal with a California Zinfandel because much to my chagrin the Dutch are not amazing winemakers.

Mauritson Family Zinfandel (2007) was the wine of choice for the night’s dinner. The nose was redolent and the flavors were soft and balanced. I tasted some wild berry and some sage with the signature pepper finish. It paired well with the meal bringing out the richness of the chops while being soft enough to mix with the salad.

Mauritson Family Winery is another stellar winery from one of my favorite wine regions… Sonoma County. Located in Dry Creek, this winery produces amazing zinfandels and is most well known for their Rock Pile wine (an AVA that has complex soil composition, at its higher elevation, produces unique wines).

The Dutch dinner and the California wine were in complete harmony throughout the night. After finishing the bottle with parents and friends I was relieved to know there was a case in the cellar for me to enjoy in the future since two glasses were not enough.