This week I am adding a new feature to this blog, one that I am very excited about and that has been in the works for a long while. A natural progression that feels right, like rubbing silk between your fingers. I am including guest contributors who will be adding content to this blog, who will broaden the scope, making it a stronger and more diverse food blog.

Eric Mirowitz will be adding his reviews to the Maverick Palate blog starting tomorrow. He is rooted in Orange County and will be sharing his penchant for Asian cuisine and beer while providing detailed analysis on the eats and beverage scene down there. He is perhaps, the most dedicated member of the Better Burger Bureau, aside from Kevin Tan, who will be the next most likely candidate for contributing and sharing his perspective on San Francisco (the bastion of culinary excellence) eats.

I hope you share my enthusiasm for these guest columnists, as they will be adding depth and dimension to this blog while diversifying content and changing locales.