Between La Habra, Fullerton, City of Industry and Brea there are no paucity of stellar burger joints, some of my favorites. These are mostly unassuming-but-great-tasting-burgers that can be found in this sector of North Orange County. There are, however a shortage of Gourmet burger spots, places that step up the classic ingredients—sourcing beef, making their own condiments and using organic vegetables— in that same easterly area. So, it was to my surprise when my brother sent me an article last week in the OC Weekly about the newest gourmet burger on the block. I planned the trip to visit my brother, see his newest ride, spend time with my nephews and hopefully eat an amazing burger.

I made the drive, thundering due east on the ten and transferring to the 60 east, at a time when driving fast was feasible. I was there in a little over an hour, motoring my way to my brother’s work to switch vehicles and head down to G Burger in La Habra.

I was familiar with the signature sandwich from this burger bar after reading that article but I was in the mood to keep it original and my burger free of pastrami and the endless array of toppings that are heaped on the behemoth G burger. And I did. Ordering a hamburger, I decided it would be best to try something unique to G Burger so I ordered the G Fries.

We were told it would be a fifteen-minute wait before the food arrived and I was okay with that, getting to discuss my brother’s newest car, the upgraded suspension and other small talk—you know, brother stuff.

When the food arrived on and in red dishes, I was surprised by the size—accustomed to the petit burgers of Umami—and the seasoning that blanketed the patty. The bun was pristine and the toppings fresh and with the first bite I was on to something good. The pepper-forward coating really made the difference, taking the meat up a notch from so many casual burger joints that inhabit the area.

The G fries were on par with In-n-Out’s animal style fries, but in G Burger fashion, they were a richer version. I tapped out fairly quickly, fries have never been my thing, and I was content to eat my burger because these fries distracted me from a nice sandwich. My brother helped me finish the fries that were replete with cheese, thousand island sauce, grilled onions and thick ‘n chewy pieces of smoked bacon after polishing off his chicken sandwich.

I was impressed with the caliber of burgers that were coming off the grill at G Burger, not the biggest or the most complex but executed perfectly. There is some room for improvement despite the obvious dedication to improving upon the classic burger: Making house sauces, unique to G Burger, would be a first step, and then upgrading the drink selection to incorporate more than a stock soda fountain’s worth of choices. It seems that the menu was a deliberate attempt at upstaging the stiff competition in the area but after that they were content to call it quits. There are a lot of choices in this locale—and North Orange County may be where I source my next Burger Bonanza—but G Burger warrants the extra dollar or two that separates it from its competitors—at least where food is concerned.

My brother and I exited happily, getting into the Mustang (that is a serious understatement) and cruising off until we reached his home, meeting up with my nephews where I spent the remainder of the day playing games before their bedtime approached. As always, it was great to catch up with family and eat my favorite food. Before I departed we made plans to do it again soon but who knows when our schedules will align. I am hoping soon.