Splash! And just that quick, I tasted a 2010 Cannonball Sauvignon Blanc the other day with some friends in the early afternoon. This wine was an audition for my work, and based on the response the Cannonball Cabernet Sauvignon commanded with customers and friends, I was interested in seeing if the results were unanimous.

Under screw top, the label art was the same as the red, sharing that animated youngster, knees tucked tightly to his chest, readying himself for water contact. I was already somewhat familiar with the higher quality of the producer so my guard was down when I tasted the bottle. In my glass, I found a large amount of stone fruit (peaches and nectarines), some tropical touches with mango and papaya, and some lemon peel over the top. It was easy to detect a lot on the nose, the powerful aromatics even suggested some light floral nuances too. The first few sips followed the nose, with the wine being balanced with medium acidity, moderate complexity and a persistent fruit finish (medium +).

If I can’t have a mineral laced Sancerre, or Sauvignon Blanc from anywhere in the Loire than this would be a great alternative, especially for its ten-dollar price tag. My friends were equally impressed, noting that the flavors were all very clean and easy to discern. The peach and nectarine combo was really pleasant and indicative of summer. I know that it is marketed as a summer sipper but I think the people responsible for this wine really did their homework because it would be easy to imagine me glugging this after a long day at Anita St. Beach in Laguna.